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Batson Accounting & Tax, P.A. keeps a sharp eye on the bottom line for you, so you can focus on your business.

We strive to develop relationships that extend beyond the preparation of a financial statement or a tax return – for while those are very important, they're really only the start in the process of building and growing effective business and personal financial foundations.

Batson Accounting & Tax, Greenville SC
Whether you're already one of our valued clients, a potential client or just an interested visitor, I thank you for visiting. Hopefully, we'll both inform and entertain you. While we work hard, we also try to create an informal atmosphere for both our clients and our staff.

We've been serving Greenville and the Upstate of South Carolina since 1987, over 30 years now. And it is a matter of great pride to me that a large percentage of our client base has remained with us for many years. Many of you have been with us since the late 80s and 90s, and I count you now as friends as much as clients.

Our newer clients remain with us, too. They learn, they grow and we support them in their individual needs. No one set of needs is exactly like another, and I believe it is our recognition of this that builds relationships and the loyalty we have one to another.

All too often, accountants view the paper as the end product. In actuality, that's only the start of what we should be doing for you, and if you're not getting that, maybe you ought to call us.

Thank you for taking a look at us! Please click the tabs and get a feel for who we are and how we can serve you. There's a little bit of fun here, too.

And, please consider beginning a new relationship with us for your tax, accounting and planning needs. All of us at Batson Accounting & Tax are here to serve you, and we welcome your calls, emails and inquiries at any time.
Personal Tax Return Preparation Greenville SC

No matter how complex your personal tax issues, we are highly skilled at helping you apply the laws properly. We search for ways to minimize your tax liability while preparing your returns, and we assist you in planning for future years. We file returns in many states each year, so no matter where you've lived or earned income, we can help you.

Business Tax Return Preparation Greenville SC

Corporation (S and C), Partnership, Estate and Trust tax return preparations for small- to medium-sized businesses are among our specialties. A key service we offer is our entity planning service, whereby we advise owners of the most effective ways to manage their businesses to maximize their tax advantages. We file all multi-state returns.

Tax Advisory Services Greenville SC

We feel that the best way to minimize your tax liability is to do a little planning each year. Sometimes, even a lot of planning. Whether it is personal planning or entity tax planning, we encourage you to allow us to be proactive in guiding you through the complicated maze of tax planning. We are here to assist you in minimization of your tax liability.

Accounting & Payroll Services Greenville SC

We provide a variety of business accounting services, including compiled financial statements, comprehensive payroll services, Quickbooks services, or personal assistance if you keep your own accounting records. Our job is to help reduce your burdens with the paper work and tax compliance so you can do what you do best – run your business!

Minimizing Your Tax Liability is Our Number One Priority.

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