Batson Accounting & Tax, Greenville SC
Tax Services & Advisories

Personal Tax Return Preparation

No matter how complex your personal tax issues, we are highly skilled at helping you apply the laws properly. We search for ways to minimize your tax liability while preparing your returns, and we assist you in planning for future years.

We file returns in many states each year, so no matter where you've lived or earned income, we can help you.

Entity Tax Return Preparation

Corporation (S and C), Partnership, Estate and Trust tax return preparations for small- to medium-sized businesses are among our specialties. A key service we offer is our entity planning service, whereby we advise owners of the most effective ways to manage their businesses to maximize their tax advantages.

We file all multi-state returns, as well, and will advise you when such filings may be necessary.

Tax Advisory Services

We feel that the best way to minimize your tax liability is to do a little planning each year. Sometimes, even a lot of planning. Whether it is personal planning or entity tax planning, we encourage you to allow us to be proactive in guiding you through the complicated maze of tax planning.

With the many years of experience we possess, and the many hours of continuing education we receive each year, we are solidly qualified to give you the right answers and to assist you in minimization of your tax liability through planning.